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Positron Consulting Services

Positron works with its clients as a strategic partner that helps them bring down resourcing costs and time to hire while vastly improving the quality of candidates.


Positron is able to deliver the needed skills at high speed due to its marketing approach. The proprietary methods help reduce client interaction time, increases CV quality and pre-screens candidate reputation.

Job Description:

Positron provides its clients free JD writing services. All Positron clients use our technical experts to write the detailed job specs. We have ready templates, which guide the client through the process.

Positron Network:

The core value proposition of Positron is its marketing network. This internal network enables us to discover candidates at high speed.

Career Portals:

Positron uses all career portals available in our market for prospective candidate discovery. This traditional method is used more as a backup and verification tool.

Candidate Selection

Positron ensures that the customer receives CVs that have a higher than 50% chance of selection. Each candidate goes through an extensive filtering process before it reaches the customer.


Experts who have experience in technical areas perform CV shortlisting.

SME Interviewing:

Our Interview panel comprises of several top freelance consultants from the industry who have over 15 years experience in the skill category. Positron has access to multiple consultants in each category.

CV Preparation:

Positron allows its candidates to express themselves in their preferred format. Our service is around helping the candidate remove unnecessary details.

Recruitment Process

Our representatives take clients through each CV to ensure that the most suitable candidates are selected for interview. Positron ensures smooth execution of the interview to selection process.

Client Interview:

Positron manages all logistics around client interviews.

Salary Negotiation:

Positron ensures that our client is fully equipped for an effective salary negotiation process.

Enablement Services

Our clients have all the necessary information about the candidate before joining so that they make informed decisions based on all the data. Our enablement team ensures that the candidates joining logistics are covered in detail.

Background Screening:

Positron performs all the background screening processes for candidates like Comprehensive Credit, Qualifications, Criminal, and References etc. as needed by the client.

VISA Processing:

Positron deals extensively with international candidates who have immigration requirements. Positron facilitates this process for the candidate.